The Arts Student League of New York

ThenandnowrobinsmithLast night I attended an event at the Arts Student League of New York to celebrate the past 130 years that they have been in existence.  I have obviously been behind the eight ball because this is the first that I even heard about this organization.

Our friend invited us to attend.  He sits on the Board and takes classes there.  What an wonderful institution.

The students that have come through those doors over the past 130 years have been quite impressive.  I saw work from Georgia O’Keefe and Norman Rockwell to name 2 big names. 

The organization’s teachers put on shows monthly of their students work.  The work is priced accordingly and anyone can buy.  It is pretty cool.  You never know, you might have the instincts to purchase the next O’Keefe. 

The newer works were varied from drawings to paintings etc.  There was an incredible nude statue that stood over 8 feet tall.  I actually can’t get it out of my mind.

I am so glad that I went.  I’m really looking forward to attending some of the art shows in the months ahead.