The Burger Joint

Burger_jointBleecker Street continues to change.  As the neighborhood changes, so does the street. 

There are 2 new openings on Bleecker, right off 6th Avenue on the East side.  One is The Burger Joint.  The menu is pretty basic.  Burgers, fries, pie of the day, sodas, floats, shakes and that’s it.  I hope they succeed.  Their chances are higher than others because they already have 2 places downtown.  They know exactly what they are doing.  Haven’t tried one yet but promise to this week.  FYI – the prices are $1 for a burger.

The other restaurant that just opened last week is Maroons Smokehouse.  It is located on the West side of 6th Avenue on Bleecker right before Carmine Street.  Maroons other location is a gem on West 18th Street between 7/8th.  Jamaican influenced food.  The best fried chicken and great margaritas.  I have always had a good meal there.  The portions are huge.  I will most definitely be checking out their newest restaurant, in my neighborhood on Bleecker, in the near future too.

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  1. simon

    Burger joint is pretty nice. Much much better than white castle for sure. Have you been to the one on the east side?