The Political Picture of the week

I have been reading all the nonsense this week as we watch the Republican party supposedly implode.  The cronyism, the incapable leaders of different areas of Government, etc.

The most disturbing photo of the week following was of Karen Hughes.  Karen has been spending the week over in Iraq, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia talking to woman about how they should be like American women.  It appears from their conversations that the Middle Eastern women seem pretty damn happy about their state of affairs.  But, Karen persisted.  Was she amazed?  Is this not what she expected?  Did she think that they would kiss her feet and greet her with open arms for shedding light on their miserable situation?  Please.

The picture of the week was today in the NYTimes.  Karen Hughes surrounded by Iraqi children holding up a grade school book that had pictures of our most influential Presidents on the cover titled The Presidents.  What..we are now over there to fix up Bush’s image and teach these kids our culture and our way of life.  I am appalled.  Who the hell do we think we are?  Shame shame.

I could go on about the shame shame.  About money already missing in the rebuilding of New Orleans, about the support of the Republicans behind Tom Delay (come on ). 

Today I saw a preview of Good Night and Good Luck which is about Edward Murdoch, the journalist who stood up against McCarthyism.  I felt as if we were repeating history.  It isn’t about communism this time but it is certainly a time when Americans need to stand up and take back their Government.