The Rolling Stones

Stones_1We have every album the Stones every put out.  Funny enough, last night was the first time we ever saw them in concert.  I was on the fence about going…hey, these guys are old enough to be my father.  But, off we went praying that the god’s were with us and we weren’t rained on since the forum was Giant Stadium. 

I was thrilled on all counts.  How Mick Jagger can prance around like a 15 year old on stage every night is amazing.  Both Mick and Keith should donate their bodies to science when they leave us.  They still rock.  What is more amazing is that they are still loving what they do.  How many times do you think these guys have played "Brown Sugar"? 

The best part of the show for me was when all 5 of us (after all this was a family event) danced,  yelled and sang "Satisfaction" and everyone knew every word.  The guy who sat next to Josh, who was probably around 55, whispered in Josh’s ear, "you are going to tell your grandchildren about this show."  He could be right.

As one of my extended family members said (my brother’s best friend since they were 8) after going to theStones_2 concert on Tuesday night at Madison Square Garden. "It’s absolutely bizarre that these guys are 60.  If they played all their favorites, the concert would be 6 hours long.  Though one could make a case for other bands, The Stones are, to me, the greatest Rock and Roll band of all time, all things considered." 

After seeing these guys last night, he is absolutely on the money.  The Rolling Stones are by far the greatest Rock and Roll band of all time.  I even think the kids would agree. 

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  1. Jessie

    Funny – we were there too! I saw them six years ago which was great but this time around it was AMAZING!! Hope I have that kind of energy when I am 60 some…