US Open in Madison Square Park

Usopen_1Madison Square Park
has been a success story.  10 years ago that park was run down, ratty,
stinky and all together not a place for families, children or anything
for that matter.  Danny Meyer got involved and opened up 2 restaurants
on the park, Tabla and 11 Madison.
He got involved with the Parks Department in the transformation and
also raised private funds which created an endowment.  This made sure
that the park will continue to be preserved.  Bravo! 

I was walking through there yesterday.  Another score from Danny.  I
assume he got involved with this.  American Express has erected a huge
screen where you can watch the US Open.  There are bleachers for anyone
who walks by and reserved seating on one side of the park.  The other
side has a make shift area where you can hit tennis balls.  There is
also the food, of course.  A small concession stand from Tabla and Blue Smoke ( both Danny’s restaurants).  There is also Shake Shack which is a permanent fixture in the park.

All and all, brilliant!  On a beautiful day like yesterday it was a
nice surprise to find the short run oasis in Madison Square Park.