BetteBette, the new hot restaurant on West 23rd between 9/10th is now open for lunch.  You can’t get in during dinner, so lunch is always the best option to check a new place out. 

Pretentious is probably an understatement for this place.  You can’t find the place because there is no sign, just a door.  If you don’t know the address or location, forget about it. 

Although, the hostess could not have been nicer.  The place was empty for lunch.  Amy Sacco, the owner, did a great job with the decor.  Warm plush booths with a textured fabric.  There is even carpet on the ceiling which is quite clever for noise reduction.  The large painting of 3 women reminded me of Sex in the City.  Sort of defines the restaurant.  This is not a place for eating.  This is a place for being seen. 

Granted, I did not eat a lot to give you a sure overview on the food but the menu isn’t very dense.  I had a simple green salad with shards of cheese and grilled shrimp.  Totally boring and quite tasteless but I was hungry.  My friend had the Lobster club.  It had way too much mayonnaise.  Nice pieces of lobster on toasted white bread.  Very citrus tasting too.  For $18 it wasn’t worth it.

Not my kind of place but always fun to check out.  Won’t be back.  Enjoyed the peek.  Had enough.