Book Club

159420063701_aa240_sclzzzzzzz_Last night was the 2nd year anniversary of my book club.  I was one of the inital members.  It is a real mix of people which I really like.  I might now know any of these people if it wasn’t for this one event that pulls us together once a month.  Some people have left, new people have come.  It creates different dynamics but it is all good.  The conversations are pretty interesting and everyone is incredibly well read which is a huge bonus. 

Last night we dicussed On Beauty by Zadie Smith.  I don’t think I would have read this book on my own.  I couldn’t get through her first novel so doubtfully would pick up the third.  Interesting book about race, marriage, politics, religion, families, college life, have and have nots.  It is actually a lot in one book to cover.  Too much but that is my opinion.

Regardless, it is interesting to hear everyone’s perspective on the book. 

So, happy anniversary to our book club.  I’m really looking forward to year three.