The area east of Soho has changed so dramatically over the past few years.  There are a variety of different stores and restaurants that are absolutely worth checking out.  I had lunch yesterday at Bread which is on the corner of Elizabeth and Sullivan.  This could be my new lunch destination.

BreadI walked in around noon.  The place has a groovy edgy vibe.  There are high cocktail tables, a bar, banquettes and other tables around the back.  Small and quaint.  They serve lunch and dinner.  The salads we had were excellent. 

I had the special salad.  Chunks of sicilian tuna, shavings of fennel, lettuce, cherry tomatoes and avacado with the house special dressing.  Served in a large bowl.  My friend had the feta salad with huge chunks of fresh feta over watercress.  Really good.  We also split a small bowl of Italian pickles which actually only had 2 pickles but we got mushrooms and artichokes marinated in olive oil and vinegars.  No biggie. It was delicious. 

But the time I left, the place was packed.  It was great.  I’ll definitely go back for dinner.  Really liked Bread.  My guess is everything on that menu is pretty tasty. 

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  1. Jenna

    Bread, a great local restaurant that offers a great menu along with a great atmosphere. Highly recommended to those who are locals and out of towners who are looking for a place that is not filled with tourists.