Elizabeth Murray

FocusmurrayI have probably been to the MOMA  more often since the new space has opened.  I love it there.  The exhibits have been great.  The main areas continue to change every few months.  They are truly showing the collection that has been collected by the curators on a continuous basis.  Also, the architecture of the building lends itself to wandering and looking.  The cafe is an extra bonus because the food is good.  Big fan.

Currently, there is a retrospective of Elizabeth Murrays work.  I came to know of Elizabeth Murray through our kids school.  Her son went to school there and she gives a piece of her work to the art auction every year.  Lucky for us, we bought one.  I love it.  So I was particularly excited about seeing the exhibit at the MOMA.

Her work is incredible.  She is obviously an incredibly prolific woman.  The exhibit starts with her early work in the 60’s up to work she is creating today.  The works is incredibly colorful.  There is a consistent theme of abstract drawings that are painted or lithographed or even built into 3 dimension pieces that hang on the wall.  All modern with influences from cubism to surrealism. 

My favorite is the large paintings that come to life when you look at what she named them.  There is one called dog.  It reminds me of a Matisse.  I can see the dog but he/she is moving within the painting.  I also really like the small lithographs of design and color.

Murray certaily deserves the recognition from the MOMA in creating an event around her work.  Even showing her work to date is a real celebration.  Murray has been incredibly ill but her pieces from 2005 are so uplifting and happy that gives the viewer an even better insight into the life that she leads through her work.  Very inspiring.

When leaving the cafe, on the 2nd floor, there is a small room to the left which is filled with other work by Murray which is worth seeking out.  I’m glad we stumbled into it.

An exhibit worth catching.