Jenny Holzer

HolzmanThe artist, Jenny Holzer, with the help of Creative Time, created a project to that illuminated documents on three locations in the city. Creative Time is an organization that commissions and helps artists bring adventurous projects to the public. 

She has taken documents and poems on subjects like the war in Iraq, homeland security, declassified documents etc.  and illuminated these up on the New York Public Library, Rockerfeller Center and NYU. The location at NYU was the Bobst Library.  We walked over to check it out last night 

Personally I thought that the execution of the project was much more interesting than the actual content itself.  Performance art at a new level.  I  liked that she chose a library.  To me it represented information that is available to the public yet the public rarely reads it.  Taking the insides of a library and highlighting on the outside.  Declassified information.  Saying to people, read this, be moved, rebel, do something.  This was Holzer’s reaction to 9/11. 

One of the many interesting things happening in NYC at any given moment.