More movies..

Little Manhattan is a tiny sweet movie.  No matter how many loves you have, you never forget your first.  Also, you only have one first love.  This film is through the eyes of a 10 year old played by Josh Hutcherson.  He is absolutely adorable and lights up the screen.  He is a total latch key kid.  Not only do you get to fall in love with him, you get to tour his local hood and other parts of New York City. Seeing NYC through the eyes of a 10 year old kid is pretty incredible.  I have always been awed by the empowerment that a 10 year old kid can have in this town.  Walking the streets, getting on a subway etc. going to see music, checking out museums, going to class, etc. Personally I think 10 is a tad  young but what a wonderful film.  Loved it.  We all loved it.  It not only makes you think about your first love, it makes you fall in love with NYC all over again.

Next up, Capote.  Philip Seymour Hoffman will certainly be nominated for an Oscar for this performance.  I can’t imagine he wouldn’t win.  He literally becomes Truman Capote.  The film is shot in a way that it is almost like a documentary.  Dark film.  The movie draws you in slowly.  It is based on Truman Capote’s four years of researching and writing In Cold Blood which created quite a storm when the book came out.  Capote created a new genre of non-fiction journalism.  He became obsessed with this story of the gruesome killers.  Harper Lee, played by Catherine Keaner, who wrote To Kill A Mockingbird, traveled with Capote while he researched and interviewed people for his book. 

There is one part of the film where Harper Lee leaves him in Spain and Capote is standing in the driveway saying good-bye.  Just standing there, the way he held his body,  Hoffman was Capote.  He was truly incredible in this film. 

The film is haunting and wonderful at the same time.  I literally went directly to Barnes and Noble and bought In Cold Blood. I had read it years ago and remembered not being able to put it down.  I thought it was time for a reread.  I also picked up To Kill A Mocking Bird on Amazon. Interesting enough, Truman Capote never was able to finish another book after writing In Cold Blood.