Power Boot Camp?

This summer I read about Pure Power Boot Camp.  Hmmm.  Sounds interesting.  Sort of break up my work out routine?  I am a goal oriented person, maybe this would be a cool thing.  I call.  The woman who runs the place is intense.  She got me so psyched, I signed up.  I couldn’t begin, due to the availability until mid-October.  No problem.  What was I thinking?

ClickToday I began boot camp.  Yikes.  I began with 5 other people who just started.  They hand you a pair of army fatigues and a t-shirt and before you change, you must drop and do 5 push-ups.  I’m paying for this mind you.  Then the day begins. 

This is a one hour deal.  Intense for one hour.  Push-ups, sit-ups, up 12 flights of stairs, down 12 flights of stairs, an obstacle course, more stairs, group sit-ups, pull-ups.  Ok, I’m physically exhausted and my body is shaking.  As I was attempting to climb over the wall, I felt like the girl in the movie Officer and a Gentlemen who just couldn’t get there.  The group helped her but someone she couldn’t make it.  Getting over that wall is tough.  Mind you, I was definitely the oldest person there too.  Youth definitely helps.

So, tomorrow I go back.  I am doing this for 8 weeks, 3 times a day.  Let’s see.  I’ll keep you posted, that is is if my fingers can actually type by the time I’m through.