The Boys in the Band

The_bandTonight was the official Tedstock.  My brother-in-laws event for his 40th bday.  Josh’s band played.  They were the first group of the evening.  Probably covered by more cameras than any other band being played today.  The Four Fellas were psyched.  They made their debut at the Trashbar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  A memorable event for 4 nine year old boys.  The first picture is of them before their big gig.  From the left is Ben, Will, Josh and Max.  Note the rock and roll tshirts.

Thebandlive_1The second picture is of them playing "Sheena is a Punk Rocker" with my brother-in-law.  That would be the guy in the pink mohawk.

Happy Bday Ted.  Hope its a very good year.

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  1. Susan

    I love the Tedstock t shirts! I am curious about the autism awareness portion, do you have a person with autism in the family? I ask because my son Jordan, age 9, is on the autism spectrum. I have often thought about getting him an electric guitar (since he has asked for one), and see what happens…I love your blog, I have a similar life with kids and such, only not in the big city! I have only been to NYC once when I was a child. My husband travels there often on business. Thanks for your wonderful posts, I have also cooked a few of your recipes!! Delicious!