Bergdoff Goodmans New Restaurant

Bergdoff1Bergdoff Goodman has really done an incredible job of renovating the place.  They are still at it.  Yet, the restaurant is finally done on the top floor.  The top floor drives me a bit crazy with all the little rooms but the restaurant is open airy and beautiful.

Eating at Bergdoff’s for lunch is always a treat and a great people watch.  I sometimes go to the mens store across the street, 3rd floor.  Same menu and not as frenetic.  Now you can eat dinner at Bergdoff’s too.  I guess they decided that Barneys had the right idea. 

The menu is totally different than the standard salads that they have serve.  It is quite pricey and not a lot of options. 

The really  nice thing about the new restaurant upstairs is that when you are totally burnt out, you can gravitate up to the top floor, kick off you heals and have a drink.  I could be into that.  Bergdoff2