Cercle Rouge

Cercle_rougeI am positive there are plenty of good restaurants in Tribeca, Cercle Rouge is not one of them.  They have certainly done their homework.  They are a total knock off of Pastis and Balthazaar.  They should have gone the extra mile and just knocked off the menu from Pastis and Balthazaar and stole their chefs.  Unfortunately, they came up with a similar menu which isn’t exciting at all, and the food is mediocre at best.

For all the buzz Cercle Rouge got in the early Fall write-ups as one of the new hot restaurants, they were literally empty at 8pm last night.  We just waltzed in and got a table. 

The place is good for a local bar.  That means just sitting at the bar and having a drink.

The neighborhood is certainly in need of a good bistro.  We weren’t starving so we just had 2 main courses and some sides.  We split the roasted chicken.  Something that should be perfected in a good bistro.  The chicken was dry and not that good.  I make it better at home.  We also split the lamb chops that were just OK.  Not that flavorful and topped with a mixture of cold salad herbs.  Not innovative and not that good.  Our sides were the steamed spinach.  Bland and unappetizing.  We also had the french fries.  The french fries were good but not as crispy as you’d like to see them in a Bistro.

We left saying how the food was really not good.  Hours later I was really complaining.  There was so much salt in the food that I could literally feel my fingers and feet swelling up as the night progressed.  Bummer on Cercle Rouge.  The city can always use another fantastic Bistro.  Unfortunately this one is not it.

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  1. boris

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