Jeff Tweedy

Dsc01016The album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot was the first Wilco album we owned.  We’ve been buying up anything that Jeff Tweedy does every since.

Jeff Tweedy is not only an incredibly talented musician and song writer, he’s smart and prolific.  He’s always got something new going on.  He was the first to make a stand on the Internet and let his music be downloaded for free.  He has a new band going call Lucifer (Loose Fur) while Wilco is on a break.  He is touring the country doing acoustic performances by himself.   Last night we saw him play live with a few guitars.  Impressive and fantastic. 

Fred took a bunch of pictures and kept the play list.  The show actually started with Glenn Kotche who is Wilco’s drummer and does some solo stuff himself.  Then later in the show, after Tweedy played solo for quite some time,  Jim O’Rourke came out and they played some tunes off their new album from the newly formed band Lucifer.  Then Jim left and Tweedy and Glenn did a few Wilco tunes.  All good.

We also saw Tweedy speak at an event we went to at the New York Public Library last year where he spoke about Who Owns the Culture with Larry Lesig

Is Jeff Tweedy the Bob Dylan of our time?  Who knows but he is damn impressive.