Katrina Relief

Last night we went to a benefit for Katrina relief which was put on by my sister’s college roommate.  My sister went to Tulane and after living their for four years still feel connected to the city of New Orleans. 

The money from the event went to the Tipitinas Foundation.  This money goes to helping the musicians.  I love that because the music was such a big part of her college years and is such a big part of what makes New Orleans special.  There is nothing quite like the music and how integrated it is into the culture. 

There was jambalaya, muffaletta, red beans and rice, fried chicken and all the favorites last night, and of course plenty of liquor.  The main stay of New Orleans.  There was music too.  Transplanted New Orleans musicians living in NYC for the time being.  I am not sure how much money was raised last night but the spirit around the event was certainly there.