Little Giant

61858504_96b8104a9f_s_1Little Giant opened a little over a year ago on the corner of Broome and Orchard.  Two women, c0-chefs, with the help of their staff literally demo’d the place and turned it into a restaurant. 

The restaurant sits on the corner and is surrounded in glass.  There are banquettes that line the glass windows with a few small tables around.  One big bar that sets the stage and the kitchen.  The smell is incredible when you walk in the door.  The music is rocking from the bartenders ipod.  We knew the minutes that we walked in that Little Giant was a find.

The meal was one of the best meals I have had out in a very long time.  Everything was delicious.  Everything. 

The menu is broken down into categories.   Nibbles, starters, noshes, entrees, market sides and sweets to eat.  We started with a few nibbles.  The pickle plate which consisted of different items that had been pickled.  Beets, carrots, brusssel sprouts, ginger, pear and celery.  Each one had been pickled in a different seasoning.  They were incredible.  We also has the peppadew peppers stuffed with marinated goat cheese.  Peppadew peppers taste sweet at first but there is a spicy kick that creeps in.  The combination of the crunch of the pepper with the spice was incredible with the goat cheese.  I would’ve popped more into my  mouth if I could have.

We each had a different appetizers.  One person who came late to the party ordered the peppers, the one she had wasn’t going to do the trick, more needed.  2 people, the beet girls, ordered the beet plate.  Different types of beets served with a humboldt fog goat cheese.  They oohed and aahed.  I’m not a beet girl but I did taste and the combo with the cheese was really divine.  I had braised leeks that had a warm vinaigrette infused with crunchy pieces of prosciutto.  Wow.  The leaks were falling apart and the combo with crunch of prosciutto was top.

Dinner was the next.  By the way, we were drinking a really delicious Zinfandel from Napa.  One person had the Kobe beef.  Sliced rare Kobe beef served with a creamy rich souffle laden with mushrooms.  Rich and delicious.  2 people had the scallops.  Scallops, incredibly fresh, sauteed in butter and served over mache and a rich pumpkin puree.  The scallops cut and tasted like butter.  The pumpkin made the dish perfect for fall.  I had the "swine of the week".  Pulled pork that had obviously cooked for many many hours served over a buttermilk chive scone that was light and flaky.  Combine that with the small side of red braised cabbage, you can’t beat it.

We were so oohed and aahed but now but had to go for at least one dessert.  Sticky toffee pudding with caramelized bananas and a vanilla gelato on the side.  Need I say more?  Sweet and gooey through out topped with the bronzed bananas and rich ice cream put me over the edge.

Little Giant is awesome.  We forgot to order some sides, like the walnut sugary brussel sprouts.  That is only one of many reasons to go back.  What a find.  What a gem.  This restaurant is an obvious labor of love for food.  True foodies behind the kitchen.  Bravo!

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  1. Peter Wunsch

    You hit the nail on the head at Little Giant. Friendly, warm and the great food scents are waiting at the door.
    Swine of the day and scallops must not be skipped. The desert rack requires planning because here you must have room for real strawberry shortcake, banana pudding, root beer flots and we never got to try the chocolate bread pudding.Little Owl next.