More changes in the Village

The village is a changing.  Whether you like it or not.  Bleeker Street has been transformed over the past year.  There are a few Marc Jacobs stores, a few Ralph Lauren stores, Olive and Bettes, James Perse, Intermix, and more.  The old time stores weren’t making it.  There customer base is either gone or they had not changed with the times.

AddictMy prediction is the next street of change will be University.  Ralph Lauren has opened his new line of collegiate clothing in a store on the corner of University and 12th.  Another store opened with funky bright accessories.  The Swedish store that carries high end clothes and glassware opened on 11th between University and Broadway (can’t remember the name).  And today, I noticed a brand new store that looks like it might open the door for the weekend.  The stores name is Addict.  Great name. 

Let’s see what happens in the old Organic food store.  It is a huge space.  I’m glad to see that store  close.  It was vile inside.  Lots of space though.  There is also a new bistro opened on the corner of 11th and University called Jacks.

More to come.