Many times I have tried to get over to Tocqueville for dinner and have failed in my attempts.  I have heard great things.  I recommended the restaurant to Fred for Union Square Ventures investors the other night.  It was a huge hit.  I wish I had gone over the years but I will most certainly go again after the other night. 

First of all, just an added bonus on Toqueville, which has made them really grab my attention.  When you do a search on Toqueville Restaurant, they are on the first hit.  That means they are on top of their business.  Most restaurants are generally somewhere among the hits but never on top.  Their web site is really good too.  Anyone who gets the web and uses it properly gets to the front of the line, at least in my book. 

The restaurant is intimate and warm.  You walk into a small room which is surrounded by wine bottles and a wrap around bar.  I don’t know if you can walk in and sit there because it wasn’t set up for dinner but a private event.  There are these wonderful curtains that close the restaurant off to the street, so in essence, once you walk in, you can be in a different world. 

The main dining room is to the left of the bar.  Plush chairs around banquettes.  The lighting is very warm and the colors are simple and matte, beige and white.  I really liked the feel there.  The food is good too.

There were a few different things to choose from that night.  I started with the tuna/yellow tartare which was served in your classic round shape on a plate.  It was delicious.  Buttery and flavorful.  I went for the sea bass for dinner.  Seared piece of sea bass served over a corn succotash and topped with vegetables.  Really simple and cooked right.  Fred had the veal medallions and said they were top.

For dessert I had the fig and date dessert with a pistachio crusted custard.  It was all good.  The wines were matched well and the service was very attentive.

All and all a lovely evening.  It was really an inviting atmosphere to get a group of people together for a private event.  I’d go again.  I’ll go again solo.  I do believe that they are doing some renovations and expanding.  I’ll be on the look out for what they do. 

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  1. The Machete' of Truth

    Nice blog. Sounds like a good restaurant, but I’m curious as to how much it cost. Pedestrian, I know, but then I’m just a blue collar guy from a blue collar town.

    I visited your blog after seeing it on the recently updated list. It’s nice, except for the leftwing Bush hating Wizard of Oz drivel.

    Best regards,

    The Machete’