We do try and catch the sneak previews in NYC before they open to the mass public.  Makes you feel like you experienced a treat. Zathura was shown in 2 locations yesterday for only one showing per theater. 

We caught Zathura at Union Square last night.   The one bummer is that we came a little late and the place was packed.  Probably not oversold as much as people just moving from movie to movie.   The only seats available were the first row.  Not happening.  We parked ourself on the floor.  It wasn’t that bad but at least we got a good view of the screen.

Great film.  An hour and a half of total entertainment.  Very clever.  The best part is the kids.  Josh Hutcherson, who plays the older son Walter, fourth grade and his young brother Danny played by Jonah Bob0.  Josh Hutcherson also starred in Little Manhattan.   My guess is you will see a lot more of these 2 kids.  Not only are they absolutely adorable, they are very good.  Jonah Bobo is a delight. 

The movie gives a little background to begin.  A divorced family.  The father is busy (its his 3 our of four days that week vs. the mothers 3 out of 4), the kids are fighting.  Dad leaves to go out for an hour to go to work and then the movie really begins. The younger boy finds the game Zathura and begins to play.  It is a game for 2 people.  Walter, not willingly, has to play too.  The game takes them (and their sister who plays a minor role) on a wild adventure.  The adventure pulls the brothers closer.  They can’t get home from their adventure until the game ends.  The game is clever.  Their adventure in outerspace and the challenges of each turn keep you entertained and wanting more.  When the game ends, they get to return to home.  Not so easy.

The only bad part was sitting on the floor.  Lesson learned, come earlier.  Otherwise, I think the director, John Favreau and Columbia Pictures have a hit on their hands.