9 Weeks of Boot Camp

The_ropesI just finished 9 weeks of boot camp.  3 days a week, I couldn’t deal with 4, one hour a day.  It is guaranteed the best work out you will ever have.  I signed up to continue the torture through next year.  I met some great people.  There is camaraderie in the group.  Everyone is devoted to getting through the hour and making the most of it.  After all, that’s why we all are there.  I wouldn’t wear a 30 lb. harness over my shoulders to walk up 12 flights up stairs, I won’t use a bar that is heavier than need be.  Just a few things to insure that I won’t absolutely destroy what is left of my knees and arms.  Otherwise, I am in excellent shape.

This picture is of the obstacle course.

When I started, I was pathetic.  I could barely climb over the walls, but now I have mastered that.  TheMonkeybar most exhilarating thing that I have mastered is the monkey bars.  Remember when you were a little kid and just flew across them?  Well, that isn’t so easy when you get to be older.  The first time I did them, I almost cried.  My instructor, Reuben, who is really great and pretty hardcore, literally shoved me up there and made me finish them.  If he hadn’t held my  knees, I wouldn’t have made it past the second rung.  He’d scream, "come on Wilson,  do it"!  Obviously easier said than done.  But then something happened.  I got up on those monkey bars and did all three groups, 30 rungs in all, without any help.  I owned them.  That is truly an incredible feeling.  I guess that is why I am returning next year for more.

The picture of the monkey bars is on the right, below is of the walls.