Amy Ruth’s

Amy_ruth_1We went on our second outing to dinner outside the confines of our neighborhood.  We get together with another family, hop on the subway to our destination and do dinner.  Last time we went out to Woodside, Queens. The subway is part of the experience, at least we say it is.

Last night we went up to 116th Street to have dinner at Amy Ruth’s.  One of the premier soul food restaurants named after Carl Redding’s grandmother.  Carl is a big man who is full of life.  We had the fortune of him sitting at our table for awhile to chat.  The restaurant has been open for 7 years.  He opened a second one in Connecticut less than a year ago.  It has been an obvious success.

The restaurants is 2 floors.  Looks like a high end fast food joint downstairs.  Upstairs is tables upon tables with waiter service.  Not fancy lighting, no fancy anything but good basic food.  Just what you would expect from a soul food restaurant.  Chicken fried steak, honey fried chicken, barbecue ribs, chittlins,  smothered pork chops, and a smattering of sides.

They start you off with a big basket of buttery cornbread.  We all had a different entree but fried chicken and ribs was the entree of choice.  The best side, hands down, was the collard greens that must have been made with ham hocks.  Fried okra, butter corn, cole slaw, macaroni and cheese, and other starches were ordered too.  Each entree comes with 2 sides.

Desserts ranged from red velvet cake, vanilla layered cake with chocolate frosting, peach cobbler (canned peaches) and coconut frosted layer cake. 

The food is like having a home cooked meal in the south.  What is available in the frig and in the cupboards.  Nothing omigod, but a definite stick to your ribs. 

It is a fun adventure.  I love the art on the walls that rotate every 2 weeks from the local artists too.
The experience is was worth the trip.