Blue Tree Gift Store

I had read about the Blue Tree store and figured if I ever get up that high on the Upper East side, I’d stop in.  Today was my day. 
The store has gotten a lot of fanfare because the owner is Phoebe Cates, actress, mother and wife to Kevin Kline.  Why retail?  She wanted a store like this herself so she opened one up.

It is basically an upscale General Store.  Anything from jewelry, kids toys, women and mens clothes and accessories, socks, art, etc.  It is a good gift store.  If you don’t know what you are looking for, you might find it there because there are so many different choices.

The staff is really nice.  The store has 2 floors.  Mostly random stuff downstairs and clothing upstairs.  The clothing is a little bit too boho for me but it will be interesting to see what they carry for spring. 

Cute store, interesting concept.  Not sure it is my kind of store but I like the idea. 

Comments (Archived):

  1. Norma Flint

    If I am ever in the vicinity I will call into the Blue Tree Gift shop. You never know, Kevin might be there……..He is my favourite actor.
    Does he help out Phoebe?????

  2. Dan Boland

    Forget Kevin. When’s Phoebe there! I’d buy the ten most expensive items in there just for the opportunity to have her wait on me.

  3. Jetsetter99

    I just went in Phoebe’s store and she was working behind the counter with another woman. I asked if i could get Phoebe Cates’ autograph and she immediately bolted away through a side door. What a bitch!

  4. George - Italy

    REALLY ?? I read somewhere that Phoebe is generally kind to their fan…
    As I’m planning to get a trip to USA, I was thinking to get a blink into Phoebe’s Shop, hoping to see her, and to autographate a Tie I’d like to buy. Is there anybody who can tell us if is possible to talk with tihs goddess ?
    LOL- George – North Italy