Del Posto

Del_postoI had the pleasure to peak and eat at Del Posto last week.  I promised not to blog until today.  The restaurant should be opening tomorrow if not on Friday. 

First of all, the restaurant is incredibly beautiful.  You feel special the minute you walk in the door.  The only other restaurant that has the intense warm high class feeling is the Four Seasons Grill room.  Warm colors, great light.  Everyone will look beautiful.  There are few things that they did which were very clever.  There is a large foyer down the middle of the restaurant which leads to a staircase and behind that is a glass enclosed kitchen.  I would bet that 200 people could cook in there at the same time.  It’s enormous.  On the right hand side there are tables for groups of 2-4 people.  On the left side of the restaurant is the bar area which has sweet couches and a long sweeping bar.  Up the stairs, on the left is seating for parties of 6 or more.  In essence, the loud parties can’t bother the intimate dinners for 2-4.  Very clever. 

The menu is quite large.  It is very similar to Babbo.  Eclectic Italian.  Starters, pastas, main and dessert.  It will probably take awhile to fine tune the menu considering how large it is.  The desserts, which is a much more scientific cooking, the same every time, we’re spectacular.  We had a pasta with your classic meat sauce that was out of this world.  Mario always does top pasta.  The rest was good but will probably get better with age.

They are looking to get the top stars here.  The atmosphere certainly deserves it.  Truly gorgeous.  I can hardly wait to just go back and sit at the bar.  The food, well, let the doors open and judge for yourselves.

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  1. Enid Tom

    I have not been to Del Posto yet but have dined at Lupa’s. The food is delicious, and yet I am eager to be dining at Del Posto in the near future..
    I have attended Mario Batali’s book signing at central park of 2005. It was magnificent, but I’m sure Mario would not remember me out of a million fans

    Bayside, NY