The New Internet Age

During the rocking late 90’s, there were Internet parties galore.  Granted I was about 15 years older than the majority of the people in the room, but it was a really wild time.  There was a constant card swap.  Everyone was on the move.  We all felt that we were part of something big happening.  Each day was like a week, each month seemed like a year.  It was really exciting.  I could tell stories and stories. 

I recall being at an event that was put on by the company I was working with, Silicon Alley Reporter.  We had a big bash after the week we spent at the Javits Center at an Internet Trade show.  I was hanging out with my friend Brian, who was working for one of the big Accounting firms involved in the industry.  He said that the vibe in the room was reminiscent of the early 70’s in the music industry.  The minute he said that, I thought to my self, we just peaked.  I was right.  Times are now a changing.

Last night I went to a party put on by Riffs.  A new start-up in the next Internet generation.  There was blog chatting, there were cards being swapped, but it was a different vibe.  The people who are now in the industry are the long-term players.  People who are really using the new world on line.  It was fun to listen to the conversations. 

I’m glad that I was part of that first wave.  It was truly a moment in history that I doubt I will see again in my lifetime.  I’m thrilled to see the Industry mature on round 2.  I guess my blogging is my small part of being connected in the second stage.  It is fun to watch the next round of entrepreneurs create the next wave.  Nothing like watching those synapses fly.