Transamerica and Brokeback Mountain

This has been a good Fall season for movies.  What a bonus.  There are a few I really wanted to see before we bolted on vacation.  Both were worth seeing if you have a list for the Holiday season.

Transamerica.  A true slice of America, probably more than you realize.  Felicity Huffman plays a women, who is about to undertake surgery to complete the transformation from man to woman.  She is brilliant.  She finds out that she is father to a 17 year old boy.  She ends up meeting with her son, taking a cross country trip with him and actually reuniting with her parents.  Clever, funny and really well done.  Kevin Zegers is wonderful.  More to come from him..

Brokeback Mountain.  Everything you have read is true.  This is a wonderfully acted movie.  It is a beautiful yet sad love story.  As my best buddy put it, this is an incredibly movie on so many levels.  She’s absolutely right.  The photography is also stunning.  So glad I saw this film and that it lived up to the hype.