A Day of Relaxing in Chiang Mai

StarbucksOur last day in Chiang Mai was the beginning of the chill part of our vacation.  The weather wasn’t fantastic so the girls and I got a driver, grabbed the Luxe map and checked out the stores.   Chiang Mai is growing.  There is construction everywhere.  One street is being dug up for sidewalks, another has outdoor restaurants, old buildings, a Wat and then a glass front store with groovy stuff inside.  It is really interesting.  Here is a Starbucks, the first American comfort we had found, except of course McDonalds.  The girls had to go in and get a drink. 

JessstoreluxmapThe things to buy in Thailand are celadon, silver and lacquer.  Lots of home furnishings unless of course you want to haul a huge Buddha home.  I think Fred would have freaked if we came home with one for him to take onto the plane.  We did consider it but passed.  This is a picture of Jessica in a store that has mostly lacquer items.  We are waiting for them to wrap up our stuff while Jessica studies the Luxe Guide for our next stop.  You can see what the store looks like.  These stores are rare and small oasis’s from the streets outside.

JoshzuchhiniWe returned to the hotel for an excellent dim sum lunch at our hotel.  Then Josh and I took a vegetable/fruit carving class.  It was really fun.  The chef loved Josh and said it was the first kid she had ever taught.  Here is Josh with our chef working on his zucchini.

Cooking_school_facilitiesThis is a picture of the cooking school facilities.  Quite nice.

Cooking_school_joshThis was our last day in Chiang Mai.  I’d go back there and stay at the Mandarin Oriental any day.  It was really wonderful.  Here is Josh with his certificate that he passed the class.  He loved it!

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  1. scott

    As always, when I’m about to plan a trip, I check to see if your family has been there and read your excellent reviews. We’re off to Thailand and Vietnam, and I will definitely check into this cooking school. Was it at the Mandarin Oriental?