Aspen Highlands

To ski or to board? 

Tmn_aspenhighlandsThis past weekend we were in Aspen, Colorado.  The weather was perfect.  Our kids know how to ski and board.  Perhaps I should have kept them in skis longer than I did but they really wanted to board.  I totally get it.  I decided to join in their efforts.  But, everytime we take a ski vacation, I can’t help but strap on a pair of skis for a few days once I see the moguls.  Can’t help it. 

This year, I strapped on a pair of skis and walked up the Aspen  Highlands bowls.  12,000 vertical feet.  It is the small inset on the trail map to the left.  You walk up, on the edge of the bowl, with skis strapped to your back.  Once you get there, you literally feel like you are on top of the world.  The bowl is basically untouched powder where avalanche shots go off in the morning so people can ski there safetly.  It is gorgeous.  The walk is not so great.  Litttle did I know that as I was hauling my skis up the mountain and having a terrible time huffing and puffing, that I had a massive bronchial infection.  Even if I wanted to, there is nowhere to bail once you start the walk up the bowl.  This was a skiiers dream. 

Sunday dumped snow.  Monday morning, I grabbed my board and 2 of our 3 kids and hit the slopes.  Now I know why I ride.  There is nothing better than boarding through fresh cut powder that is up to your knees.  The freedom of the board allows you to almost float through the snow.  It was truly an epic morning.

I am trying to convince my kids to take up skiing at least a few days per vacation so that they too will have the ability to ride or ski.  I am glad that I sucked it up years ago and  learned to ride.  I think Monday might go down as one of my top 10 days of my life on the slopes.

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  1. scott partee

    Awesome! you have just been to my favorite mountain in my home state. Altough it has been slightly “corporatized” since its purchase by the Aspen CO., it still has a bit of that Old Skool Colorado ski resort feel and, quite frankly, and, of course, in my totally correct opinion, is the best skiing in colorado.

    Great posts lately, BTW!

    Take care.