Blue Hill

MainleftWe had theater tickets last night but Jessica’s thrilling basketball game kept us from making the curtain.  They won with 2 seconds left on the shot clock.  It was a nail biter.  So, we bagged the theater and had dinner in the neighborhood.

We walked over to Blue Hill and there were 2 seats at the bar just calling out our name.  First of all, the atmosphere in the restaurant is so warm and inviting.  Low ceiling.  Banquettes surrounding the walls.  Colors are all muted and neutral.  Even their logo and menu is beautiful.  Someone has incredible taste in the organization.  I have yet to get up to the Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Pocantico but I will eventually.

We started with 2 killer martinis.  They guy next to us was drinking one and it just looked so good.   The right kick off.

The menu is small.  There are maybe 5 appetizers and 7 main courses.  You can also do a tasting menu.  We chose our dinner.  I started with a warm mushroom salad.  The bottom of the plate was layered with large thin slices of a poached mushroom.  It might have been a portobello.  It was very clever and delicious.  On top of that was a mixture of greens with a variety of smaller mushrooms through out and toasted pine nuts.   This was served warm with a pine nut vinaigrette.  Yum.  Fred had a seasonal vegetable plate.  The combination of different root vegetables was really good except for the beets ( he doesn’t like them ). 

For dinner we both went for the same thing.  The lamb.  Slices of lamb served with cooked chick peas and a wilted warmed lettuce.  The broth at the bottom of the bowl wasn’t too rich but heightened the flavor of the lamb. 

Dessert, of course.  Chocolate bread pudding.  Sliced in a square with caramel ice cream. 

I am so glad we went back to Blue Hill.  This is probably our third or fourth time there.  The bar is small, only 8 seats so it isn’t always open.  Last night was our night.