Chang Rai

Mountain_viewChang Rai sits about an hour from the Golden Triangle, where Burma (now Myanmar) and Laos meet.  We took a plane from Bangkok up to Chang Rai early in the morning and started out on our day.  We got off the plane and drove up to Rama 8 and 9, mother’s summer home.  She built the home for herself many years ago and it has been preserved since her death.  Literally preserved.  The knitting project she had going on is still sitting on her desk.  This is the view from her back porch.

They do not let you enter anything that is sacred in this country
unless your ankles are covered.  Jessica and Fred were not
appropriately dressed.  They made them put on a Thai rice worker
uniform.  Doesn’t Fred look great?

Queens_gardens_1The location is absolutely gorgeous.  She was into the flowers and built incredible gardens.  It was a totally touristy thing to do.  Although the restaurant up there was fantastic.  They also have a local coffee stand.  Coffee is harvested up in in the hills along with macadamia nuts.

Army_wivesHere is a picture of the Army wives visiting the site.  I guess they get uniforms too.   Jessica was taken in by it.  On a side note, the Queen was a dental hygienist.  A side interest?  Anyhow, on the day of her birthday, every year,  any Thai citizen can get their teeth cleaned for free.  I like that. 

Jade_workerWe left the mountains and traveled down to a small industrial town that specializes in jade.  The country is very into their jade work.  Different varieties from Thailand, Laos and Myanmar.  The small shop that we went to was not high tech to say the least.  One of the women working one of the stations looked like she just came back from having her hair washed.  Her hair was setting in some conditioner while she worked the jade.  Very wild.

GoldentriangleNext stop was our checking out the Golden Triangle.  It is really beautiful.  You could actually see the view from our hotel too.  This is where the borders meet.

Pool_relaxationAfter that, relaxation.  The kids hit the pool.  Smoothies for all.