Day 2 in Bangkok

Marble_templebuddhistsWe got up early so we could get to the Marble Temple and see the monks chanting.  There are monks all over Thailand.  This was exceptionally cool because we were the only people there.  We sat outside and listened and watched.  Once they left, we journeyed in and paid our respects. 

This particular temple has a large open courtyard behind the building the monks chant in.  It is surrounded with a variety of large Buddha statues which each represent something different.

Pictured on the right is Josh inside the temple, giving the  Buddha his flowers. 

After leaving here, we went to the Prasart Museum. We got a private tour.  Mr. Prasart has been collecting Asian art since he was 12 years old.  He made it big in real estate and built this museum.  He lives on the premises.  Unfortunately he wasn’t there that day because we were supposed to meet him. 

PrassartPrassart_museumHis collection is extensive and very interesting.  He bought temples
that he had reconstructed on his property which is overflowing with
beautiful plants and flowers.  He has truly given Bangkok a gift by
creating this museum.  Here we are on the steps of one of the small
Wats, Jessica and Josh paying their respects inside the Wat and below is a picture of one of the buildings.

That was the end of touring for the day.  That night we went out for dinner at the Sala Rim Naam.  That was our one big mistake.  This restaurant is located in the Mandarin Oriental.  It is a set dinner accompanied with Thai traditional dancers.  Totally touristy.  My gut told me no but I thought it might be a fun introduction to the land of Thailand.  The food was awful with a capital A.  The whole thing was total cheese and a complete rip-off.   We were also so whacked out that probably added to the pain of the experience.  So, if you are going to Bangkok, with the family, make sure you pass on this experience. 

Next day, off to Chang Rai.