Great Jones Spa

Welcome_1_1It is quite incredible how spas have become a huge business.  Destination vacations all have them.  Places to go for a few days and just have facials and massages.  It has seriously become a way of life.  A big profession and a nice addition to the economy.

I, for one, have never been a big massage person although this past summer I found a guy at Naturopathica in the Hamptons that could not be beat.  But then after the summer ended, so did the massages.  I just didn’t have enough passion for it to keep it up.  I have a bunch of friends that are diligent about getting their massage every week or every other week.  Not me.

But, this past week, I went with my best pal to have massages for her birthday.  This spa is a true gem.  It is called the Great Jones Spa, located of course on Great Jones Street downtown between Layfayette and the Bowery. 

I believe it has been open for about a year.   The architecture is very modern and soothing.  The best part is that you don’t feel like you are in NYC.  The bathroom and changing rooms are small.  The treatment rooms are nice and simple.   But the most impressive is the basement of this place.  There is water running down the walls into a modest sized water area that is warm and bubble.  All co-ed so you must wear a bathing suit.  There is a big sky light that shines down in the pool.  The steam room is right off that area.  The steam room is the size of a studio apartment.  Smells like cedar and steams up really nice.  Honestly, 30 people could easily fit into the room. 

Definitely a spot to return to.  If you are looking for a spa downtown, check out Great Jones Spa.  It is a winner.