Luxe City Guides

962868588001_aa240_sclzzzzzzz_Luxe City Guides was the biggest discovery of our trip.  This small pocket size guide is the hippest travel book I have ever found.  They break it down from restaurants, lunch, what to see, shopping, etc.  They also rate the best and worst at the end with Luxe Loathes and Luxe Loves.  We found each suggestion spot on.  The book is also written in black and white, literally and figuratively.  They say what you are thinking.  For instance, "what’s up with the barbie martinin glasses"?  "tourist trash"  "you’d be a moron not to find something fantastic in this store".  Totally hip, totally fantastic.  I hope that there is a luxe in every city that I travel from now on.  Hurray for Luxe. 

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  1. Dan Berkman

    I use Moon Metro guides wherever possible. They have great maps, and great, very hip recomendations. I’ve used their San Francisco,Paris, and Amsterdam guides and found them all to be fantastic resources.