Returning to Bangkok

You_and_meeWe returned to Bangkok to celebrate New Year’s.  Once we checked back into the hotel, we headed out for lunch.  We went for lunch in the Four Season’s hotel at a place called You and Mee.  One of the best meals we had.  Awesome noodles dishes.  Tiny cafe.  Recommended of course, by Luxe.

3_headed_buddhaAfterwards we walked down the street where there is a 3 headed Buddha.  People come from everywhere to pay their respects.  It was quite a scene.  Flowers, incense, food, etc.  At this point the kids had no interest in ever seeing another Buddha again, but this was a very quick peek.

Happy_new_yearWe went back to the hotel, hung at the pool, eventually got dressed and went down for a New Year’s celebration.