Why is it that the Government has the worst technology?  Or is that an oxymoron? 

I just spent over an hour plus dealing with  All I wanted was to download a picture for a stamp.  Not too hard.  The user inner face is not too good but I finally found my way through the system.  Then I had to re-log in when I completed my purchase.  It would not let me log in again.  I said that I was not in the system even though I had an email in my box assuring me that I was. 

So, I called customer service.  35 minutes later a voice talks to me.  15 minutes into our conversation…oh, we aren’t compatible with mac’s.  OMIGOD! 

Do you think it mentioned that on their website?  No.  Who builds these things? 

Another day in technology hell.

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  1. Dave

    If you click on their Download button they explain their system requirements.

    Not sure if it’s an option for you but you can buy emulation software for the Mac that emulates the Windows environment.

  2. Erik

    Who builds these things?

    The lowest bidder does.