Table Mountain Fire

Image001My friend sent me these picture of Cape Town.  Apparently a British tourist walked up Table Mountain and left a burning cigarette butt that created a huge fire. 

We were in Cape Town last year and there are no smoking signs everywhere, on Table Mountain,
specifically for this reason.

My heart goes out to all the people of the area.  The gusts of winds that come down from the Mountain at this time of the year are unbelievable.  This fire must have spread quickly and created serious problems for the people of Cape Town. 

Such a beautiful city.  Table Mountain is one of the most incredible spots.  The topography there is unique to any other place in the world.  What a horrible disaster.Image004

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  1. rachel

    hiya i was there when the fires were happenind we lived in a house in noerdheok the fire was close to our house we were scard that we would have to pack up and leave but it was all ok thanx to all those people who helped stop it.but somone blatently stared all those fires it was no mistake but i do miss it over there a lot i now live in the uk and trust me never move over here its so horreble wel thats al hope to visit home soon bye bye