What is happening to this country?

Today is a sad day. 

Alito has cleared the final hurdle in the Senate to confirm him to the highest court in the United States, the Supreme Court.  He is not only a conservative, he is an ideologue, who is interested in turning back time.  He has a clear vision of what he believes this country should be.  Even if it is not what the majority of Americans want.  He will now be in a position to change law which change the way we live in this country.  The repercussions are yet to be seen.  My guess is that over time states that have a more Democratic liberal base will pass laws that make the Federal laws null and void in their state.  Over time, the red states and the blue states will be more divided and there will be less Republicans or conservatives living in blue states and less Democrats living in Red States.  What type of country will it be then?

There is also an article in the New York Times today about a trial taking place in Kansas.  This class action suits comes from the Attorney general of Kansas, Phil Kline.  He is a conservative fighting for a law that makes having sex under 16 against the law.  Meaning if you see teenagers, under 16, having sex or seeking contraception or treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, they would and could be arrested.  This would include French kissing.  Kline is also on a crusade to eliminate all abortions in Kansas. 

Is this the beginnings of the world that Alito and Bush see for America?   Is this the religious right?  Are these men deciding the rights of women and turning back time?  I certainly think so. 

The whole idea of telling teenagers, who’s hormones are raging, that they can not act upon those urges until they are 16 is insane.  Teenagers have been experimenting with sex since the beginning of time. 

In the world of Kline and Alito and Bush, if have sex before 15, you can not get contraception because it is illegal that you are having sex and you could be thrown in jail.  If you get pregnant, you will not be able to get an abortion. You have to have that child who in turn will be raised by someone else because you will be thrown in jail because having sex at that age was against the law. 

Is this our future?  Who are these people pushing for these laws and how did they get to be in such high and powerful positions? 

I can’t decide if I am just disgusted, sad or just in shock.

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  1. Kevin Walsh

    >>>The whole idea of telling teenagers, who’s hormones are raging, that they can not act upon those urges until they are 16 is insane. <<< Hardly. What would be insane is a world where all your sexual urges were to be acted upon irreseponsibly, and 15 and 16 year olds, for the most part, are unable to make those kind of decisions. Prison is not the answer, but neither is toleration. Abstinence is the best way to stay out of trouble; we have got to be able to instil a greater sense of self control. Hearts and minds won't be changed overnight, but it's the only way to go.