CoffeehYou never know who will get on stage at a Coffeehouse.  Some random act that is not worth watching or something absolutely amazing that nobody was expecting.  We got the latter on Saturday night.

Our kids school, Little Red Elisabeth Irwin,  has a coffeehouse a few times a year.  It is great.  Music, readings, anything you can think of.  A great jam at the end, etc. 

This past Saturday night we were treated to Jimmy Norman.  He played some blues and some jazz.  I felt like I was in New Orleans.  Jimmy was one of the original Coasters.  He also collaborated and worked with Bob Marley.  Jimmy seemed like a very cool customer.

There was also a few bands from the school.  One group, that played Mendelssohn.  Someone on piano, another on cello and another on violin.  I was mesmerized and blown away to see High School kids still playing classical music at a Coffeehouse.  The middle school band was quite good too. 

The_band_1But, of course, the biggest treat for me was seeing Josh’s band, our 10 year old son, rock out with his band, The Four Fellas, to Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynard.

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  1. fred

    Sweet is right