Josh’s Birthday Party

The_gangI had a great idea for Josh’s 10th bday party.  We were going to go to Aqueduct Raceway, have lunch at the dining room with tables overlooking the track and do a little gambling.  The kids would have loved it.  In High School and College, my boyfriend and his family were involved in the horse racing industry (and still are).  I really loved going.  All fond memories.

But, I did not calculate into the equation that there would be the largest snowstorm to hit NYC in 100 years.  When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  We bought 10 sleds ( we already had 3 in the basement) on Saturday afternoon, just in case. 

11 boys, 4 adults ( plus me and Fred makes 6 adults) each grabbed a sled and we took the subway uptown to Riverside and 90th.  Our good friends live right there so we had been sledding on that hill before.  They refer to it as suicide hill.  The kids were so psyched.  Walking through the streets of NYC with no cars but tons of snow.  It was the ultimate urban bday party. 

Me_and_joshAfter sledding for 2 hours ( here is a pic of me and Josh after our run down the slope), we hit up the City Diner on 90th and Broadway, had lunch and then took the subway back downtown for some cake. 

A perfect bday party.  Totally original because it would be really hard to replicate.  Josh had a blast.  Hopefully next year, we’ll hit up the track.

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  1. fred

    greaet photos

    who took them? 🙂