New York Knicks

Jrose_300_060207Going to Knicks games or any NYC sporting event is great entertainment for a variety of reasons.  Invariably you always bump into someone you know and most of the time haven’t seen in awhile.  Also, watching these athletes play is wild.  The level of competition is incredible regardless if the team isn’t a winner this season.  Muscular bodies that get down the court in 3 large steps.  These men toss the ball in the basket with such ease. It is just great to watch.  It is fun to cheer the local team on too.

We were thrilled to see Hoops 4 Hope being promoted at the Knicks game last night.  Our friend, Eric was at the game, who sits on the Hoops Board.  Eric Scopetta and his partner in East Hampton Sports Camp, Mark Crandall started Hoops 4 Hope.  The organization has been around for 10 years.  They support youth development in Zimbabwe and South Africa through sports.  They have done wonderful work and continue to do so.  Also, both of these guys are fantastic. 

Unfortunately the Knicks lost.  They were up and down only about 5 points throughout the game and in the last few seconds, lost.  Ugh.  Being a Knicks fan these days just sucks. 

But, we had a great time…