Sushi3Nobu has created quite an empire around the world.  10 restaurants in all.  3 in NYC alone.  When Nobu began, there was really nothing quite like it in terms of high end pushing the envelope sushi.  Times has changed.  There are a variety of places in NYC and certainly around the world. 

I have been to Nobu a handful of times over the years.  I have found the initial thrill to have gone down hill because the menu never changes. 

We went this past weekend, a birthday request, and the food was really quite good.  Expensive, but good.  We went to the Nobu on Hudson, not on 57th Street where I have not heard such wonderful reviews.

There are a few things on the menu that are consistently yummy.  The yellow tail with jalapenos is one of their signature dishes.  Also, the rock shrimp tempura with the spicy sauce is quite good too.  Those are the 2 that I always order and have never been steered wrong.  There are others.  I probably have tasted the majority of them at one time or another but those 2 just reign supreme.  We also had plenty of sushi which is also fresh and tasty.

We had a great time.  Nobu is like the Four Seasons Hotels.  You know exactly what you are getting.  It is good, it is a formula and it basically works.  What can I say, I prefer the boutique hotel and something new and bold on a sushi menu. 

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  1. fred

    did you take that photo?

    if so, where’s the Uni?