Only in NYC

1097950122_1Last night, after our daughter’s basketball game, we grabbed a cab uptown.  We were going to drop her off on the corner of our street and continue uptown.  Our cab driver noted that it would take 45 minutes by cab and 12 minutes by subway. 

We knew that bit of advice but sometimes you just want to sit in a cab.  Although the traffic anxiety is so annoying. 

We laughed and told him he was right and decided to grab the nearest subway, which was about 2 blocks from where we were in the cab.  He wished us well and laughed.

Gotta love the NYC cab drivers.  Where else would a cab driver tell you that you are better off taking a subway uptown.  Save yourself the money and the aggravation.  We loved it.

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  1. Dave

    Well, I’ve lived in NYC for 30 years and never had a cab driver tell me I was better off not paying for his services. Sounds like you lucked out.