Park Central Hotel

We met someone uptown at the Park Central Hotel last night for drinks.  His choice.  He was in the neighborhood, his bags were there and he had a cab meeting him at 7:30 to take him out to the airport.  No problem. 

In all the years that I have lived in NYC, I had actually never heard of or been to the Park Central Hotel.  But, that is irrelevant. 

Logo_1We sat in the restaurant, which looks over the street.  All glass windows.  Not bad.  But here is my question.  Why in a city that probably has many aspiring chefs or people who want to work in the restaurant business, is there bad food anywhere?  The food at the Park Central was absolutely awful.  Even the bread was bad.  We were starving and ate a few appetizers.  It took forever to get out of the kitchen.  It all tasted like a bad night at TGIF’s. 

I just don’t get it.  Wouldn’t it make sense to hire someone who is willing to start their career anywhere to get to the next step.  Make an impact in a hotel where there are people traveling through there all the time.  People actually hear that they have decent food and all of a sudden the place has patrons.

Maybe it’s me.  But, I just don’t get it.  The logo says, share the experience.  I highly recommend that you don’t.

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  1. Adam

    haha — I stayed at the Park Central last time I was in NY. Not a bad hotel, but I agree with you on the food. $65 of awful-ness…

  2. Billimoira

    Well had a very different experience their restaurant was closed for lunch and dinner, but the breakfast buffet looked veryyyyyyyyy appetizing.

    I had ala carte the berry french toast was a good portion and was crunchy. Well priced for NYC restaurant.

    One disappointment wish they opened for lunch and dinner for that location I am sure will not be disappointed