Solitude Utah

102156509_6937bb8176My first time out in Utah, we stayed down in Salt Lake and drove up to the mountains every morning.  A short hop from downtown.  One of the few things that I really like about Utah. 

We discovered Solitude Mountain about 14 years ago on that trip.  The mountain was and still is fantastic.  Small resort, only 2 restaurants and no grocery store to speak of.  You have to order online and have Albertons bring your food in.  With a group of 18, that was fine and plenty of friends to keep us entertained. 

2 key things was having steaks shipped in from a meat distributor in the meat packing district.  The other was having a case of red wine shipped from the Italian Wine Merchants

For the one night we went out, we brought a bunch of wine with us to drink.  We had to pull off every label of the bottle because one of the laws in Utah is that you can bring wine and have a corking fee but you must have had bought the wine in Utah.  Make sense?  All their meats must be cooked well done too.
There are a variety of strange laws in Utah.  My never ending love hate relationship with the state.  Love the skiing and the powder, don’t get the ridiculous laws. 

The snow was fantastic.  A bit colder than we like but we did hit the slopes with a vengeance.  It was fun having so many people cruising around the mountain together.  All with walkie-talkies in hand.  Cell phone service was not going to be an option.

Jess made a movie of the weekend.  Looking forward to the final cut.  Picture on the left is the group of Boarders before hitting the slopes.

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  1. fred

    awesome place and awesome people equals awesome vacation