A New York Story

Everyone in this town has an opinion which is something I absolutely love about New York.

We were walking home on Saturday night through the village.  We were discussing the girls final basketball games happening on Sunday morning.  Jessica has been playing in GVYC for 5 years, Emily for 3.  GVYC is a fantastic downtown girls basketball league.  This is Jessica’s last year.  She plans on being an assistant coach next fall.

I was pretending to interview her on the way home.  So, tell me about your experience.  How do you feel about  ending your career at GVYC, etc.  It was great.  She was talking about the start and the end.

All of sudden, behind us, is a local bum.  He starts yelling at us.  "What about the middle"?  "What about the middle?  It is just as important as the beginning and the end"!

It was hilarious.  But, you know what, he is absolutely right.  In many ways, it’s all about the middle.