A Sommelier?

957234965_1I am going through a time in my life when I am just trying new things.  Maybe I’ll do something with it, maybe I won’t but I’m branching out.  It started with boot camp.  A huge hit for me.  Then I considered taking a writing class but instead opted for a 20 week class on becoming a Sommelier.  I had my first class today.

I love wine, always have.  The aroma, the taste, the industry, the matching of wines to food.  Maybe it is the foodie in me.  We have always enjoyed visiting vineyards.  Part of me has secretly had a desire to own a vineyard in Napa, live and work.  Hmmm, maybe not.  Instead, I opted to really learn more about wines, particularly the regions.

I am taking the class, one day a week, at the Sommelier Society of America.  When the course ends, you take a test and if you pass, you become a certified Sommelier.  The key here is keeping up the tastings and the interest.  This is where I am positive that I will be ready, willing and able.  I sincerely doubt that you will find me working in one of the finer restaurants about town but you never know.  I think this is more of a hobby.

There are 40 people in the class.  The majority of them are probably connected to the business of wine through food, retail, wholesale, etc.  Each week there are different speakers who teach on a different subject.  The subject could be regions, components, etc. 

This week we began with the introduction to wines. Darrin Siegfried spoke.  He was pretty good.  He has been a restaurant manager, former executive chef, is a sommelier, currently owns a wine store and also consults for restaurants so he has been involved with wine from all angles.  He was good. 

I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Brouhaha

    GG, my wife L.A. is a sommelier and the wine director at Michael’s Restraurant on 55th between 5th and 6th. She is currently studying for her Diploma after having received her Sommelier’s Certificate in 2002 from the SSA and her Advanced Certificate in Wines and Spirits, with merit, from the International Wine Center (WSET) in 2004.

    She maintains a blog about wine at:

    She loves her career choice… I’m sure she’d be happy to give you her take on the industry by email or over a glass of wine at Michael’s!

  2. Garvin

    What tests do you have to take? Do you have any info on that?

  3. David

    Becoming a “Certified Sommelier” is something one can only do through the Court of Master Sommeliers after passing both the Introductory Course and the Sommelier Certification Exam. Individuals devote years of study and tasting to attain this title and the right to call themselves Certified Sommeliers. While you may recieve a certificate of completion from this class I would avaoid using the title “Certified Sommelier” unless you had truly earned it.

  4. Jane G


    I recently came across your blog and thought you might be well connected to the sommelier network in California.
    I am a recruiter looking for a charismatic speaker and presenter who has a background in mixology or as a sommelier. I am working on a project with one of the world’s top spirit brands, looking for someone to speak on the brand’s behalf in LA.

    Let me know if you can be of help to me.