Belle and Sebastian

Belle_and_sebastianJune 1997, we decided to take a four day weekend to celebrate our anniversary, 10 years.  Who knows what I was thinking when I picked the spot.  It was June and we headed down to St. Marteen for the weekend.  When I woke up the first morning, Fred was sitting in a chair and announced to me that he hated this place and wanted to return to Manhattan and spend the weekend there.  He had a reservation at the Mercer Hotel and dinner reservations that night at Grammercy Tavern to celebrate our anniversary.  We were living in the suburbs at that time, so spending a weekend in Manhattan ( whom I have secretly had a love affair with for 25 years now ) seemed like a fantastic idea.  Off we went.

Near the Mercer Hotel, is a great little record store called Rocks in Your Head.  They have literally never steered me wrong when it comes to new music.  We went in there and asked for a couple of suggestions.  The guy who was there at the time recommended we pick up Belle and Sebastian..his new fave.  We were instantaneously hooked.  We played them continuously for four days.

Last night was the first time we saw them live.  They sound just as good live.  Stuart Murdoch, the singer/songwriter loves the stage.  His voice is melodic, he dances around and it is apparent that he is truly enjoying himself.  At one time, he heaved himself out into the audience as they carried him around while he sang.  Stuart David, the other half, plays bass guitar and also sings.  Dry sense of humor, very Scottish, and is also having a blast.  They work really well off each other. 

The New Pornographers
was the opening band.  I have tried but I really haven’t bought into them.  Belle and Sebastian came on really late and they were still jamming at 11:30 with no interest in stopping.  What can I say, I’m getting too old, so we called it quits. 

If you haven’t listened to Belle and Sebastian, do.  Their first two albums are really my favorites but their last one is quite good too.

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  1. Ann

    My sister lives in N.J. in Montclaire with her husband and four kids. Once a year she books a long weekend in Manhattan (for herself and hubby) to catch up on culture, films, food and each other – it’s her favourite break! By the way, both her husband and herself work in Manhattan…