Daily Living

Headshot_a_1A new blog is in town.  My friend, Kira Gould, started a blog called Daily Living.  She has been working in the design world for a long as I have known her.  Her insight is vast because she has worked in the field from variety of different angles.  Started a magazine for the trade and also worked for an architecture team to name a few things she has done.  But like most women of this generation, she also has 2 kids, is starting to wade her toes into real estate, and sits on a board and is involved in a non-profit.  Nothing to keep her busy enough so she decided to start a blog.  Lucky us.

It will certainly become a daily read for me.  Kira is a good writer and a smart cookie.  I’m looking forward to adding this to my read of the day, not that I don’t read enough but hey, another blog to add more information to my  head is always a bonus. 

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  1. Mark Frisk

    The link for Daily Living actually goes to Blue Fin restaurant.

  2. Mary-Ellen

    the Link is a restaurant