Entertaining Mr. Sloane

Sloane_artWhy do theater companies or movie companies for that matter like to reproduce stuff?  Isn’t there enough new content out there?  I would think finding a young brilliant new playwright would be much more interesting…perhaps it is just too risky.  People are always afraid to be the first.  Confirmation that something has already been purchased or successful is safe.  Personally, I’m not about safe.

Entertaining Mr. Sloane is one of the two productions now being shown through the Roundabout Theater Organization.  Both are actually remakes.  I have only seen one, Entertaining Mr. Sloane.  I have tickets to see Pajama Game in a few weeks. 

Entertaining Mr. Sloane was first performed in 1965.  Perhaps it was risky, cutting edge and hauntingly entertaining then but it isn’t now.  The story is set in London.  A middle age woman takes in a tenant, who is a bit mischievous.  Her father also lives in her home.  The father recognizes the young man from a crime.  The brother, who does not live in the house, is also taken with the new boarder.  The woman is interested in him sexually, and for the matter so is the brother.  Things escalate.  I am sure in 1965 that the whole premise was quite out there but today, who cares.

I will say that the acting is excellent.  If it wasn’t for the fine performances of Alex Baldwin, Chris Carmack and Jan Maxwell, I would have walked out.  Alex Baldwin was really quite good.  Too bad that the Roundabout didn’t have enough interest in using this fine cast of actors to put out something new and different.  The Roundabout has once again disappointed me this season. 

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  1. The Codge

    I’m not sure if you’ve seen yet, but if you’re looking for new (to the US at least) and different, I’d recommend “The Lieutenant of Inishmore”. Since it’s a Martin McDonagh play, you are constantly deciding whether to laugh, cringe, or do both.